Holiday and Specialty Meals in Littleton, NH

Topic of the Town wants you to enjoy a meal with us on any holiday or special occasion, so we offer special buffets and dinners throughout the year. Take your parents, children, and friends out for a delicious meal. We have menu items that include various types of food from barbeque to Middle Eastern to Mexican and more. Whether you’re up early for a sit-down breakfast, ready to enjoy a relaxing lunch, or having dinner before a night on the town, our servers and staff will offer you the best service, unique recipes, and a memorable dining experience. Check out our scheduled specialty meals below.

Buffets: On many holidays, Topic of the Town offers special buffets.

New Year’s Dinner is from 5 to 8pm,

Easter Buffet Breakfast is 7am to noon

Mother's Day Includes Breafast Buffet 7 am to Noon and Dinner Buffet is from 3pm to 6 pm

Father’s Day Buffet includes Breakfast from 7am to 1pm

Other special buffets include Columbus Day, Labor Day, & Memorial Day from 6am to 1pm.

Dinners: Topic of the Town has special themed dinners as well including Barbeque Night, Middle Eastern Night, and a FREE Christmas dinner from noon to 4pm every year on Christmas Day.